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Psalms 104:33 - I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live

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As a London parish, our community reaches hands across the capital with many other communities, including other parishes, schools, hospitals, local organisations, parishioner’s families, friends and places of work. We welcome visitors and new parishioners to our church.

We work together as a real community of Christians to uphold and bear witness to the gospel values, traditions and beliefs of the Catholic faith.

Each of us has a contribution to make, so do please see Father Habte if you would like to get involved please see our support page for more information on volunteering and our Parish Groups. Please click on this link.

For information on the Catholic Church: Please click on this this link to the Vatican website.







Over many years now, we have participated, attended and helped run choirs. We have attended numerous choir workshops. We have benefited from excellent teaching, and have met many gifted and enthusiastic musical talents, both professional and lay people, who have inspired us and our journey to faith and the Lord.

The lamb stained glassWe now want to put something back into the community of St. Simon and St. Jude, to help foster local expertise, help with nurturing young and forgotten talents and build a singing church ready to worship and give praise to God.

In addition to enriching the worship every Sunday at the 10.30 a.m. mass, we would also like to encourage the use of music and singing for the church's high feasts, sacraments and rites, for instance, Holy Communion and Confirmation, while respecting the need for sacred space and quiet reflective moments.

Carefully selected hymns can enhance and deepen liturgical understanding, create space for reflection and bring us closer to the word and message of God. Praise and worshipful songs can help deepen our religious experience and minister to us in special moments of our lives. We hope this site will be another tool to help us all in building a community that sings together.




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